Bone Health and Balance Strategies



Age is not the only factor in Bone Density decline. Lifestyle has a huge role to play, and by mid-30's your body's bone production diminishes considerably.

The good news is that you can improve this function, with specific and regular practices.


In these 2 x  Zoom sessions we will help you support your students who may, or may not have bone density issues.


You will learn

  • The science of bone building and bone decline
  • How ageing effects the feet
  • Why balance is essential in ageing
  • When is a lunge not a lunge
  • How to encourage bone rejuvination through exercise
  • How to illicit better balance,  and strengthen its relationship to cognitive function
  • How to maintain healthy foot mechanics
  • How to incorporate essentials into your classes for the over 55's
  • 12 minutes Yoga for osteoporosis
  • What to avoid in terms of movement where bone density is an issue

Bone Health and Balance