Breathwork is a powerful tool of transformation. From meditative to enrgising,, breathing practices fit into our self care and personal growth pursuits. They can be practiced almost anywhere, and erequire no special equipment of physical abilities.

Breathwork practices have been proven to

  • Aid sleep
  • Improve Pulmonary function
  • Increase focus
  • Assist relaxation 
  • Support healing from some autoimune dissordes and 
  • Improve executive funtion in  ADD and ADHD.

In this six -week course you will learn a selection of breathing practices. Both Yogic and Contemporary. 


You will learn 

The anaotomy of breathing

How to prepare your body for breathwork

How to sit




Daily practice


Each week you will receive a different 

Daily AM and PM ractice in an audio format

A breath jounal

Eachj weekly live session will be about sharing experiences and laerning the nuance of the practices.


Live tuition  = 8

Guided practices = 12

Total = 20


Breathwork Introduction