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Teach Better | Connect Better

Do you love teaching Yoga? Are you passionate about making a difference in peoples lives?


The more specific you can be in what you offer, the more accessible you become to your students.  You begin to Speak Their Language.

If you can provide a solution to problems and understand how to provide goal oriented sessions, you begin to uncover your niche, or niches.  Not only does this help your students by providing more of what they want, it also associates you with a higher value offering.


My name is Susan, once a dancer and professional actor, I have been teaching for 22 years. Practicing for 30+

I have taught professional Dancers, actors, athletes, physiotherapists, new moms, old dads, teenagers, corporate, school children, special populations, and lots and lots of Teachers.

I am a

  • Yoga Teacher and Trainer,
  • Senior Yoga Teacher with over 10 years experience in training. 
  • Pilates Master Trainer.
  • Anatomy geek
  • One to one rehabilitation provider.
  • Myofascial Movement Trainer
  • Special populations 
  • Course Creator
  • Sequencing Master


Whether it is working with individuals.

Creating specialist classes for groups.

Communicating more effectively.

Or providing a deeper undertsnding of certain topcs. I can help.


I am NOT a marketing mentor or Philosophy tutor. But all things around building skills and structures for you to feel more confident providing better offerings while carving out a susatinable future are my areas of expertise.


Our first session is a FREE 30 minute call, to enable us to figure out if we fit. 

Each individual session is 60 minutes. The number of sessions is totally dependent on what it is you need.

Individual Mentorship

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