DATES September 11th-17th


This 7 day intensive course will develop your understanding of practice and Teaching Slow Flow. It will give you the tools to create exceptional sequences by deconstructing poses, adding themes and goals and developing an easy template for creative and enticing Flows.


We will also begin to apply anatomy to Vinyasa asana in a practical way to help you understand why pace and intention in asana may benefit specific goals or students.


Find out  about the myofascial slings in the body, and why controlled 3D movement is the key to healthy movement stategies, for life.


Key Features

  • Learn how:  Flow Sequencing basics- create sequences that make sense
  • Two - Highly qualified and experiences Senior Yoga Teachers
  • Learn why Slow Flow works- Explore the benefits of Slow flow, anatomy, energy, pace.
  • Explore where and when Vinyasa fits into class sequences.
  • Easy Class creation : Never be stuck for a sequence again- by disecting poses you can easily make fun and creative flow sequences.
  • Take 5:  Make a great class with just 5 asana.
  • Scripting:  Learn the language of Slow Flow


Pre - required Learning

All participants must have a minimum of 2 years Yoga Practice




4* Bed and Breakfast Shared room €895

4* Bed and Breakfast Own Room €1010

Non Residential €750


Venue details

Vime resort Marbella

4* Residential SLOW FLOW CPD