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SLOW FLOW VINYASA Continuing Education 

DATES To Be Confirmed

This course is a HYBRID of Online Tutorials and IN STUDIO training in Malaga

Along with the tried and teasted in person tuition,  the training also includes. Lifetime access to video library content

  • Slow Flow Vinyasa tutorials
  • Asana Labs
  • A selection of Themed Classes

Offering a unique integration Quality and Convenience.


Who is this training suitable for?

Yoga teachers. All styles considered.

Modules & Dates

  • Self Paced Online sessions.
  • 7 Day, 4 star studio Immersion January 24th *arrive* to 30th *depart* 2022

Full training dates and details here

Program Breakdown

  • Self practice explorations, for life long expansion and movement joy.
  • Yoga Asana. How to build poses, in a vinyasa format. Deconstruct and Modify.
  • Vinyasa. The functional application of breath controlled movement.
  • Teaching Skills. How to prioritise detail and flow equally.
  • Anatomy and Physiology. The real life benefits of controlled coordinated movement.
  • Pranayama. The Nervous System response
  • Yoga Sequencing. Creative Sequencing made simple.
  • Teaching Practice. Personalised feedback and peer learning.





"I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for my yoga teacher training. Susan’s knowledge, understanding and wisdom of what yoga is was transmitted to me in a clear and powerful way, giving me strong tools for my future on my journey as a teacher."


"Forever grateful to Susan who has been an amazing, most passionate teacher for all the energy and wisdom she has put into helping me to become a yoga teacher."


"The way that Susan teaches is something out of the ordinary and I feel very blessed to have the pleasure to have you as my teacher, guide and inspiration. I can highly recommend Yoga and Pilates in Malaga."


Slow Flow CPD

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