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Core and Spine – gentle control is the key

If you are already a Yoga teacher, you may notice that some of your students are great at all of the asana that require flexibility, (it may even be what drew them to Yoga in the first place), but lack strength in say Kumbakasana (Plank) held for any length of time. And you may notice that no amount of Navasana (Boat) seems to be getting to their core muscles. It might be that you are simply asking them to gather strength in a part of their body that they have no idea how to control. Pregnancy, low back pain, bad posture, and hormones can all effect function in the deep muscles.But, going from no control to a full Plank held for 5 breaths is a no-no. It just bypasses all the things that are

Is sitting the new smoking?

A broken collarbone was one of the best things ever to happened to me. Am I odd? When I was a kid having a plaster-of-paris cast ,on a broken bone, was a symbol of courage; a badge of honour; and something to be deeply envious of. I so wanted my friends writing on my arm or leg shield. Silly messages that would be (some of them) sawn in two by the doctor to extrapolate the slightly shrunken limb, the forever displayed in a bedroom. So I hung off, jumped onto, balanced upon, swung, hopped, skated, bounced, flew, pogo-ed, danced, handstand-ed, tumbled, skipped and cartwheeled at EVERY opportunity. Oh and I never asked permission for these activities. None was needed. These were not special



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