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Many of you have been kind enough to recommend our courses over and over. You have honestly keep us afloat. I thought about how to offer rewards and decided an AFFILIATE program would be a fair and effective way to do this.

What is an AFFILIATE program?

Basically, we provide you with a link to sign up to the program.

You need to fill in some details to link us to you.

Once you do, you will receive a special link to display our website, on your website, newsletters, or social media pages. A great opportunity for authentic content in your social media or blog.

Although this link just looks like our website, anyone who books anything from it is automatically counted as a reference from you. An automated process happens which alerts us that the booking came from you, and you get a 10% commission.

Just think about that.

It doesn't have to be anything sales-y. You simply tell your story to your students and colleagues honestly about your training with us. You liked this and that. The changes it made to your teaching or life.

Suggesting that if anyone is looking for a training in . . . . (it applies to any of our courses, but its best to be specific) that they check us out, ADD THE SPECIAL LINK and you get 10% of the sale.

That can really add up. If say 4 of your students decided to take our upcoming 200 hour Slow Flow Teacher Training course you would get almost €800!

Why am I doing this?

I spend money on marketing. I know word of mouth is the best kind. I would rather give my marketing budget to you than Facebook. It's a no brainer. Let's keep it in our community.

From my experience, now is not the time to tell your story, but the first three weeks of January are.

So, here is the link to sign up to the program. It costs you nothing to do so. Once it is done you will receive your link, and I will send a reminder early in the new year for you to post something about your experience with us.


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