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Fascinating Fascia

Research in the world of fascia continues and we are becoming increasingly aware of its importance in terms of movement. – “all the collagen

Simple Sequencing – Mixed ability classes

So, you have been asked to teach an OPEN LEVEL class. You have no idea what you will be faced with. Of course at the start of the class you ask about injuries, but have no record of previous experience, except to know that there are some beginners and some more experienced people in the group. This can be very scary even for the more mature teacher. As the class begins, you can see the huge variety of physicality in the room. This can really put you off your stride. But, it doesn’t have to. It needs some forward planning, but there are plenty of strategies to make this a great, all inclusive class. 1. Be aware. In mixed level classes, it is critical to be hyper aware for the newer students



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