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Setting the scene. Day 1 Yoga Teacher Training

As I embark on creating a new Yoga Teacher Training - Slow Flow- a myofascial perspective - I have been reflecting on my aims and objectives for day 1 (and 2) of Yoga Teacher Training. Not the topics, they are easy. But, the more human aspect of dealing with the New Kids. Creating rules without rules and managing expectations without dumbing-down. You are faced with a group of nervous and excited individuals who want to be there but know they have also committed to something big. They come armed with their experience of yoga and sometimes you will have to disarm them within the context of the syllabus you are teaching. You will be met with many "In Iyengar" or "My teacher said" Or "Yin does


BALANCE STRATEGIES. THE OLDER ADULT There are 4 significant factors to consider when teaching (not exclusively) the Older Adult. . 1. Foot desensitization. 2. Lower limb firing sequence dysfunction. 3. Fear of falling. 4. Bone density issues. . With age, the sole of the foot becomes less aware. The tissue dehydrates and sensation dulls. With this we become unsure on our feet. This can result in, or be accompanied by the tibialis and gastrocenimius miss- firing with both contracting at the same time, leading to a more shuffled walk. This is a associated with "fear of falling" especially if there has already been a fall, and more especially if the fall was accompanied by a fracture. .


TOP TIPS FOR WORKING ONE TO ONE WITH AN INJURED STUDENT. ❤❤IT IS NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO FIX WHAT IS WRONG. BUT IT ALMOST ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO EASE THE DISCOMFORT BEING CAUSED BY WHAT IS WRONG. ❤❤ One of you regulars is injured. They have been told to attend Yoga. But it is obvious that they are unable, (at present) to fully participate in the classes you provide. They would like a private session(s) to gain insight into what they should or should not be doing. How do you prepare a session for them, that is informative, appropriate and pain free. ✅Find out what their injury is. Research it and make sure you will not be adding to their discomfort. If you cannot see any useful information, explai



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