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So you think you would like to lead a Teacher Training

It gets to a point in many Yoga Teachers lives where they feel that they would love to share their passion and knowledge around Yoga at a deeper level and provide Training Courses. And it is understandable to feel daunted by the process. I believe many start but loose focus quickly when met with the myriad of choices and considerations around becoming recognised as a course provider.

If I were to go into everything you need to consider, it would be a book. (on it!) But, right now, IF this goal is on your radar, here are some really important things to consider before you even start.

Your Why.

Why you? What is it that YOU can assist facilitate. Taking time to pick through your reasons will not only clarify your objective but will give you a language by which you can communicate your vision for your future students. This might not seem important now, but when it comes to marketing with your authentic voice, you will be very happy that you did this. 200 hours might sound like a lot of time, but once you start you will become aware that you need to put more emphasis on some things and less on others in order to present the course that has the things you really feel essential to your particular objectives.

Let me give you an example.

I wanted my course to emphasize teaching skills. Therefore, even during philosophy lessons, the perspective is always around imparting knowledge in an accessible way, not just for my teacher trainees, but also for their students.

Whether you wish to register your course or not, it is an idea to look at the various registers and insurance companies for their MINIMUM requirements around lead teacher qualifications and experience. They vary wildly.

I have outlined them below. Remember these are just minimum guidelines and there are so many other considerations to quality than these.


These registers are not really a recognition of quality or ability.

Registers are not (always) accreditors.

They do not support you very much

They do not insure you.


Offer a means to gain a “perceived” level of credibility

Offer a means to advertise your offerings.

Offer a means to gain insurance for your courses.

Some offer a group discount on associate things like insurance.

Some give you a framework for your syllabus and policy documents

Some have forums where you can ask questions to those already providing courses

Some offer free training videos.

Offer a further registration for your students.

They do cost money, but in my experience, they do save you time.

Remember, there is no strict standardization in Yoga (a good thing). But that leaves the field open to low standards in training.

In my opinion Yoga Registration DOES NOT denote the Credibility it claims. But and it is a big one starting out. The resources and perceived credibility it commands will save you time and money.

here are some registers and some of their basic requirements.

European Yoga Alliance

  • World Yoga Alliance

  • Yoga Alliance International

Lead teacher minimum training 200 hrs

Lead teacher minimum teaching experience 2 years.

Obligatory CPD after initial qualification. No.

Help with syllabus. Just the basics.

  • Yoga Alliance USA

Lead teacher minimum training 500 hrs

Lead teacher minimum teaching experience 2000 hours. Average 15 hrs per week teaching + about 3 years.

Obligatory CPD Yes.

Recognise other bodies in your lead teacher application. No

Help with syllabus. Some guidance provided.

  • Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK)

Lead teacher minimum training 200 hrs PLUS

Lead teacher minimum teaching experience 8 years.

Obligatory CPD No.

Recognise other bodies in your lead teacher application. Yes

Help with syllabus. Basic.

  • International Institute of complementary therapists

Lead teacher minimum training 200 hrs

Lead teacher minimum teaching experience 5 years.

Obligatory CPD No.

Recognise other bodies in your lead teacher application. Yes

Help with syllabus. No.


Finally. Do you have the time to create a syllabus, lesson plans, policy documents, exams, assessments and timetables?

My first training took me 8 weeks (almost full time) to create to a standard that I was happy with, AND could be delivered in a cohesive way to ensures the student journey was credible, accessible and assessable.

I hope this helps clarify some things


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