Susan Church


Share your passion. Train to teach. Make a difference.

Do you want to share the gift of Wellbeing?

 Do you dream of helping people?

Do you feel the need to share your passion for health

but don't know where to start?

Would you like more to offer?  

Yoga and Pilates Teacher Training in Malaga, has practical and professional Yoga Teacher Training courses and Pilates Teacher Training to prepare you to share your passion and live a life of difference.

We know how it feels to want to make a difference in your community, and we know what its like to feel undervalued when you do.

Sine 2007 we have trained hundreds of teacher to share their passion for wellbeing, to expand their offerings, and to thrive.

Your route to a sustainable wellbeing career

Foundation Courses

Continuing Education

Teacher to Tutor

You want to live your best life, and share the privilege of health and wellbeing. 

But, you are not sure where to start, or how to create a sustainable future.

Not only have I been through this, I have also identified how others created a long term career, doing something they love.

By starting with a foundation in Yoga or Pilates Teacher Training, and adding specializations over time, you can create high value offerings, while living a healthy lifestyle.

By building your level of expertise, one day, you can become a teacher training provider.

No matter where you are on this transformational journey, I can help you step by step.

Susan Church